Wednesday, October 16, 2019

New Life Academy

A glimpse into the singing and dancing

New Life Academy

Village School
 Today Tina and I went to the village school. About 100 students crowed into a very small building. But that doesn't hamper the joy, laughter and singing.

When we first arrived with both were greeted with such enthusiasm that we almost fell down.

Its a privilege to share with the children books, songs and the love of God.

The children all gathered in the hallway, sat on the floor and listened intensely

Sunday, October 13, 2019

 Today is Sunday and I went to share with the girls in the vocational school. It's a joy to share with them the word of God.

 In the afternoon we did some team building fun exercises. You can see the girls had a great time.

The winning team

Jane is the director of the school and is becoming a good friend.


Dear Friends
You know you are in Kenya when this is your room mate. 

This one below dropped uninvited into my coffee mug. No, I didn't drink the coffee, ...

It's good to be back. I met already many friends and we had plenty of time to connect again.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Harvest Time in Germany

 Dear Friends

Its harvest time in Germany and the vineyards produced plentiful fruit.

The white grape is "Riesling" Germany's best known wines are made of it. 

The blue grape is "Trollinger". They are delicious and make an excellent wine as well.

 I enjoy my walks through the vineyard and take in all the richness and beauty of the area.

Monday, September 30, 2019

A gift of selfless love

Dear Friends
Once in a while you meet somebody who is an exceptional person. Their faith, purity of heart and selfless actions inspire you to desire similar attributes for yourself. If that person is very young, it’s even more outstanding.

Claire is that person for me. Here is her story. On Clair’s 10th birthday, she asked friends and family to make a donation of money to the ministry in Kenya instead of them giving her personal gifts! This selfless action is such a great example of faith and purity of heart. She was willing to give up gifts for herself, so that girls in Kenya can receive reusable hygiene kits that enable them to stay in school when they have their periods. What an example of Christ-likeness. Giving up her desires so others can receive. Claire understands something that I myself desire to learn and live out more deeply.

I was humbled and honored when she gave me the checks and cash. What a gift of love! This will be my favorite story to tell the girls in Kenya, the story of Claire’s gift and the gift of God’s love that He gave on our behalf. Isn’t that inspirational? There is no age limit in living wholeheartedly for the kingdom of God. Some of the hygiene kits I will give out to the girls are sponsored by Clair's love gift.

 "Days for Girls" mission is to provide reusable hygiene kits to all girls worldwide. If you are interested in their work, visit their website:

Monday, March 4, 2019

Village School

Today I went into a village school to meet with
6 & 7 grade girls.. I taught very basic sex ed and gave out some of the 'Days for Girls' kits. The girls listen very attentively and had some good questions. I know the girls now for years and the established relationships made it possible for me to share. Again I could point to God, He made us wonderfully and beautifully.
It was a privilege to speak to the girls.