Monday, March 4, 2019

Village School

Today I went into a village school to meet with
6 & 7 grade girls.. I taught very basic sex ed and gave out some of the 'Days for Girls' kits. The girls listen very attentively and had some good questions. I know the girls now for years and the established relationships made it possible for me to share. Again I could point to God, He made us wonderfully and beautifully.
It was a privilege to speak to the girls.

Saturday, March 2, 2019


The Indian Ocean provides an amazing scenery to watch God's creation. every morning His mercy are new. Watching the sun rise out of the ocean bears wonder and awe.

Sunday Worship

We all know that African love singing and dancing. No exception on Sunday morning at church. The worship time is at least 1.5 hours long filled with beautiful praises to God. Here a small example

Life Skills

This week we talked about how we want to be loved and love. The 5 love languages was a great lesson for the girls. As a demonstration, one girl who's love language is "Affirmation" put on a big shirt and other girls stacked balloons under the shirt with words of affirmation on it. We all laughed and had a fun time together.

My time with the girls went by fast. The good byes are bitter sweet.
Group picture with some of the girls

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

New Sewing Machines

Dear Friends

The generosity of friends made it possible to provide 10 new sewing machines for the girls. The two year vocational program teaches girls how to make dresses. They were in dire need of more equipment for the girls. Your support made it possible to buy them. The joy on the girls faces was incredible.

Dedication with all students and staff

The new machines are already at work

The girls are happy to sew

Monday, February 18, 2019

Days For Girls

What do girls in a third world country when they have their menstrual cycle? Did you ever wonder?
Many stay home form school, miss out much on education and drop out all together. "Days For Girls" is an organization that provides reusable hygiene kits that helps the girls to stay in school, finish education and have a brighter future.

Today I was able to give out the kits made by a local Pittsburgh chapter of the organization. Along with the kits great education about hygiene, safety and sex education is provided. The girls had so many questions and great fun to learn more about their bodies and how beautiful and wonderfully God made them. You can see in the pictures how happy they are to receive such practical help.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Jambo Kenya

Dear Friends

The first full day of ministry is over. What an amazing experience.
The girls welcomed me with flowers, singing and lots of dancing. Our Sunday Service went very well and the young women are eager to learn. Thank you for praying.

At least an hour of dancing, singing and praying

is part of the Sunday Service

Teaching about the love of the Father for his two prodigal sons

Jane, the director of the vocational school